'One' is the debut album by Moja, a band from Nantes around singer Marine 'Mamatya' Annic. This being yet another French band around a front woman, we were involuntarily reminded of Alam's 'Sounds Of Freedom', reviewed on these pages but a few weeks ago. That being said we have to admit stylistically both albums sound quite different, with 'One', for which Moja collaborated with producer Gabriel Bouillon (SoulNurse Records) who also invited percussionist Nicodrum and trombonist Stéphane Montigny (La Belle Image, Le Choeur De Conques Des Épinards, Le Monde De Kota, Méloblast, The Red Star Orchestra...), sounding a lot more meditative. Just listen to the delicious closing track 'Searching For Peace' or the very aptly titled opener 'Meditation', two of our personal favorites from the track list in which Mamatya's voice is supplemented by Matthieu Rivaud's mesmerizing flute sounds. Icing on the cake are two dub mixes of title track 'One' and 'Higher' by Clément of Nantes based RDH Hi-Fi. For the artwork of the album, the band joined forces with Mister Plum, a Nantes based graphic designer, who opted for the tree as a symbol of life and constant evolution, protection and connection with Earth and the cosmos. 'One' love Moja!