Musically speaking, yours truly mostly knew Cyprus as the island invariably given the maximum score at the annual Eurovision Song Contest by big brother Greece. Monsieur Doumani is proof of the island's musical creativity though. This three piece band from Nicosia already released its album debut 'Grippy Grappa' in 2013, now followed by 'Sikoses'. For their repertoire the trio started exploring Cypriot folk tradition, putting new twist to old songs or giving them topical lyrics. 'Sikoses', the title of their latest album, should also be read in that light. The term "sikoses" comes from Greek Cypriot dialect and refers to the last day before lent, also the period of carnival, traditionally a time when people like to hide behind a mask. Monsieur Doumani now uses the term allegorically to indicate that now is the time to bid farewell to the era of financial excesses to face the new reality in austerity and contemplation. Monsieur Doumani's sound will probably mostly appeal to amateurs of folk music, but their music clearly digs a lot deeper than that and is really worth your attention as well!