Moune (pronounced "moon") was born as Milan Guedec in the city of Périgueux, in the French Dordogne region. Moune started practicing the guitar in 2008, discovered electronic music a few years later, and after experimenting with genres like hip-hop, house, trance, glitch-hop and electro-swing, he finally lost his heart to dub. These days Moune is a skilled multi-instrumentalist (playing guitar, melodica, saxophone, flute and percussion) and produced this 5-track EP in his own bedroom studio. Milan's artist's name (and the sleeve design of this EP) is, of course, a reference to his fascination with the moon, and the title of the EP also seems to be a play on words referring to the two dominant heavenly bodies earthlings get to see during the day and at night. And just as the moon makes way for the sun in the morning, on 'The Legacy Of The Sun' Moune alternates between more meditative dub like opener 'La Root' or 'Ideals', and solid work like UK stepper 'Fight For Your Rights' or 'The Moon Cult'. Definitely a name to keep an eye on!