This last release for 2018 on producer E.N. Young's Roots Musician Records label is once again a debut EP, this time by MoZaiq, a six-piece formation from La Quinta, a city in the Coachella Valley (see also Burnt), who describe themselves as: "...a group of broken guys joined to create beautiful art through music.". We were immediately hooked on the voice of lead vocalist Marc Diaz, and even though all tracks on this untitled debut could actually convince, it were mainly 'Without You', a song about freeing yourself from something or someone preventing you from realizing your true potential, and 'Rootsy Roots', which was already released as a single and for which the was joined by Inna Vision and E.N. Young himself. As usual, the latter concludes with two excellent dubs of opener 'Boogie Man' and the aforementioned 'Rootsy Roots'. American band with a strong and fairly unique identity and a sound you wouldn't expect from debutants!