As far as yours truly is concerned, New Kingston, a band made up of three brothers from Brooklyn, New York City, might well be the new Morgan Heritage. The similarities between the two bands are striking: like the Morgans, brothers Courtney M. Panton (drums & vocals), Stephen Suckarie (guitar & vocals) and Tahir Panton (keyboards & vocals) are second generation Jamaicans who grew up in the United States, and where at the beginning of their career the Morgans got a helping hand from father Denroy, Courtney Panton Sr. assists his sons on bass, thus completing the lineup of the family-orchestra New Kingston is. Since the band's creation in 2006, New Kingston already released two self-published albums (2010's 'In The Streets' and 2013's 'Kingston University'). The fact 'Kingston City' now appears on Michael Goldwasser's Easy Star Records label, can also be seen as a sign that the band is ready to conquer the world. The impressive guest list - from compatriots Maad T-Ray and Tribal Seeds' E.N. Young over The Wailing Souls and Sister Carol to even a contribution by the late Sugar Minott, can count as proof of confidence in the abilities of these three brothers.