Because yours truly, isn't really a fan of the multitude of female singer-songwriters with an ethnic twist out there (see also Ayo, Irma, Imayo, Sara Tavares...), we had ignored the work of German-Nigerian Nneka until now. For 'My Fairy Tales' Nneka, largely opted for a reggae and ska sound and collaborated with producer James 'Bonsai' Caruso, best known for his work with Damian Marley (in 2010 Nneka joined Nas and Damian Marley on the US leg of their Distant Relatives tour). Exceptions in the track list are opener 'Believe System', Fela meets Marvin Gaye, and 'Babylon', an excellent afrobeat tune. If you look closely, you'll even discover the head of afrobeat grandmaster Fela Kuti on the cover of 'My Fairy Tales'. Don't be fooled by the upbeat character of the songs on 'My Fairy Tales' though: good examples are the up-tempo ska track 'Pray For You', in which Nneka talks about the atrocities Boko Haram have been committing in Nigeria and its neighboring countries, and closing track 'In Me', which can be described as Nneka's profession of faith. 'My Fairy Tales' is Nneka's first self-produced album and if she continues on this path in the future, she's found a new fan in yours truly.