The dialogue between Seckou Keita's kora and Omar Sosa's piano on 'Transparent Water', one moment hints at classical music, but the next is more reminiscent of a film score. With this album Keita more or less continues where he left off with 2014's 'Clychau Dibon', a question and answer game with Catrin Finch's harp. This album was given 'Transparent Water' as its title, and opener 'Dary' literally starts with the sound of running water. 'Transparent Water' certainly wasn't a rush job, illustrated by the fact the first recordings for this album already date back to the spring of 2013. 'Transparent Water' is more than just kora and piano though, and Sosa and Keita also called on Chinese sheng and bawu master Wu Tong and Japanese koto player Mieko Miyazaki. For the percussion parts on the album, Omar could count on his regular percussionist Gustavo Ovalles. Wonderful album to drift away on.