After 'Transparent Water', his 2017 collaboration with Senegalese kora player Seckou Keita, Cuban pianist Omar Sosa once again sought inspiration in water, in which Oshun, the orisha or deity of the river and fresh water, and beauty and love in the Lucumi or Santeria religion takes a central role. For 'Aguas' he joined forces with violinist, vocalist and compatriot Yilian Cañizares (who vocally alternates between Spanish, Yoruba and for 'Se Van Los Mios' even some French), assisted by Cuban percussionist Inor Sotolongo. For the duo, water equals life, energy and space, and for the songs on 'Aguas' they also drew inspiration from the infinite transmutations water undergoes. Finally, water also symbolizes the physical barrier between European, where Sosa (Spain) and Cañizares (Switzerland) live, and their native Cuba. This wonderfully intimate, at times almost ethereal album (opener 'Duo De Aguas', 'La Respiracion'), in which influences from jazz ('O Le Le', closing track 'D2 De Africa'), Santeria/Lucumi music and even Argentinian milonga ('Milonga', 'Dos Benidiciones') can be heard, is an almost perfect soundtrack to bring some light and warmth to these wet and dark autumn months.