With her long-awaited debut album 'My World', Tina Sureda aka Onesty also gives closure to a musical period in her life. What once started as a member of the Antwerp cathedral choir at the age of six, in Tina's teens grew into solid love for soul, r&b, hip-hop and later reggae, and some first stage experience as a member of urban dance collective Streetwise Dancers. In 2007 the Antwerp singer with the Spanish roots decides on a solo career, resolutely opting for reggae as her genre of choice: "Reggae music was my fate; something I could never run away from. With my music I want to send a message into the world; a message that can encourage people to live more consciously.". In 2008 she travels to Jamaica for the first time and later that same year released 'Take Your Time', a first four track EP, with what turns out to be a prophetic title. Onesty continues to work her way up and is mainly active in the Belgian live-circuit, but the wait for a first album continues. In 2015 Onesty trades Belgium for Jamaica, where she soon finds a musical home with Jermaine Forde and Marcia Simpson's Ajang Music Productions (the first the label's main producer, the latter the wife of Black Uhuru veteran Duckie Simpson). Their fruitful collaboration initially results in singles like 'Life Starts', 'Not Good Enough', the strong 'Hold On' (her contribution over the Puff Puff riddim by Belgian producer MacLes), 'I Rise' and the successful duet with Bugle 'Way To Life', and a number of tours with Black Uhuru, with Onesty opening for the legendary reggae band, allowing her, among other things, to build a small fan base in the United States. 'My World' will mostly appeal to amateurs of poppy lovers tunes ('Love Of A Woman', 'Get Up And Give In', a duet with Spade, 'One Moment'), but that doesn't mean Onesty steers away from more serious issues; in title track 'My World', supported by a nyahbinghi rhythm, she dreams of a better world, 'I Rise' is an expression of gratitude to the Most High who gives her the power to keep going every day, 'Not Good Enough' expresses Onesty's work ethic with a clear vision and goal in mind. The most revolutionary track on 'My World' is undoubtedly 'Wake Up', in which the singer calls on the listener to wake up and not only listen to music with the right message, but also actively contribute to a better world and resist the system where necessary, and with the intimate 'Life Starts', originally written with her nephew in mind, Onesty finally delivers a song in which the unconditional love of a mother for her child resounds just as well. 'Don't Wait' is just good r&b, but 'Roll The Dice', a power ballad including weeping guitar solos, we could have done without. More than solid long-playing debut, perfectly illustrating the evolution the singer has gone through in recent years.