The story of Orchestre Les Mangelepa begins in the Lubumbashi of nineteen sixties Congo, where this rumba-Orchestra was then still performing under the name L'Orchestre National Baba (referring to founder Baba Gaston). Because in that period, the studios of major Western labels like PolyGram and EMI, were mainly located in Nairobi, the band travelled to Kenya a first time in 1973, to return two years later and become the resident band of the Aquarius Club in Ngara (a district of Nairobi). However in the band there was growing discontent with the way Baba Gaston ran things and a number of musicians led by Kabila 'Evany' Kabanza and Bwamy Malumona quit and started performing under the name Orchestre Les Mangalepa at the Park Inn in Nairobi's Uhuru Park. Thanks to a mix of Lingala and Swahili and the incorporation of local genres like benga and chakacha, Les Mangalepa became crowd favorites in no time. But the rest of Africa also beckoned, and in the late nineteen seventies tours in Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania followed. In the nineteen eighties the band started to loose popularity, but after a first local comeback led by Tom Kazungu around the turn of the century, there's now 'Last Band Standing', an album produced by No-Nation founder and producer Guy Morley, for which the band revisited some of their biggest successes. The 'Last Band Standing' is finally ready to conquer the world!