With 'Venti', Italian for "twenty", but also for "winds", Italian producer Pablo Raster puts his twenty-year musical career in the spotlight, but at the same time points out the "winds" have changed a lot this year. In that respect, the title of the instrumental closing track 'Masks And Viruses', speaks for itself. 'Time Machine' and the celebratory '20 Years In Dub' (immediately one of our favorites from the track list) are instrumental compositions, but for the other 6 tracks Raster invited several vocal guests, ranging from well-established names from the sound system scene like Fikir Amlak, Idren Natural and Ras Tinny, to lesser-known vocalists like Greek singer-songwriter Jammaroots, Mannaroman, toaster for Double Spliff Sound from Val Cesano, Italy, and Ivan J, a vocalist from Banari in the province of Sassari in Sardinia. Apart from the aforementioned '20 Years In Dub', we can also recommend Fikir Amlak's 'Him' and Idren Natural's 'Equality'. Cent'Anni (Italian for "may you live 100 years!") Pablo Raster!