Some more freshly squeezed Californian surf-reggae anyone? Pacific Grown is a four-piece band from Salinas with this 5 track 'Start From Scratch' presenting its debut-EP. For the mix and mastering of the song they called on E.N. Young who produced 5 light-hearted reggae tunes. For the scratching in opener and title track 'Start From Scratch', in which the band introduces itself, Pacific Grown invited Chris Buenavista aka Cwitch, a DJ and turntablist from San Diego. The most profound song on 'Start From Scratch' is 'Guidance', in which front man Josh Dominguez calls on his listeners not to squander their short time on earth with trivialities, but to follow the Holy Scriptures and the spiritual guidance of the most High instead. 'Wherever You Are' and 'Call Me' are two lightweight love tunes and the foursome concludes with the similar semi-acoustic 'Cool Breeze'.