Just before the end of the year, the Italian La Tempesta Dischi label still spoils us with 'Large Dub', a dub version of the new album by Italian formation Mellow Mood, which was released in April of this year. For 'Large Dub', compatriot and dub wizard Paolo Baldini pulled out all the stops and created the best dub album we got our hands on in 2018. Each song was edited completely analogue and in real time, without using overdubs or pre-recorded programming. An impressive feat and also what makes Baldini one of the most amazing dub sorcerers of his generation. Be sure to check out 'Another Dub', with its delicious xylophone riff, title track 'Large Dub', 'It Can Dub', or the great 'Dub Of A War', but one thing is sure: better dub than this hasn't touched your ears this year yet!