The fact the new Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band album is called 'Obiaa!' ("everyone"), is far from coincidental, but rather a logical conclusion according to producer and multi-instrumentalist Kwame Yeboah: "Playing highlife around the world taught us what we had to do to move our sound forward. We could see there was something for everyone in our music. People of all ages, colors and trends were dancing together!". The track list counts 9 new songs, including modern parables like opener 'Onfa Nkosi Hwee', a warning against the bad consequences of arrogance, and 'Odo Ankasa', about the value of real love and trust, but also a reworking of Pat's own Afro-disco classic 'Yamona'. Equivalent successor to 2015's untitled 'Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band'!