As a descendant from a multicultural family - Beninese father, Burkinabe mother and a Ghanaian grandmother - Beninese singer and bassist Patrick Ruffino (also the artistic leader of the Amazon d'Afrique project) mixes musical traditions and languages (Dendi, Fon, Gen, Goun and French) from his homeland, with influences from jazz, soul, Afro-Cuban rhythms and, above all, a solid dose of funk. The result is 'Agoo' ("Please let me go!"), a disc full of vintage sounding funk rock and Afro groove, which also serves as a tribute to the vodoun traditions from his homeland Benin. Special guest is vocalist/percussionist Sagbohan Danialou, a Beninese veteran known as one of the country's most influential musicians and Patrick's mentor and musical source of inspiration. Sometimes the songs on 'Agoo' are reminiscent of the vodoun-funk of Le Tout-Puissant Orchestre Poly-Rythmo ('Adjo Da To', a song in Mina and French that can be translated as "liar", and the extremely danceable 'Mi Djou Ba', Fon for "respect", in which the tambin or Fula flute of Dramane Dembele was given an important role, or finally 'Se Ma Lon', once again Fon for "our star watches over us"), elsewhere of the Afro-Latin vibe of Orchestra Baobab ('Adjobe'), in 'Lonlon' (Mina for "love") of Congolese rumba, and in 'Fou De Toi' even some rock influences can be heard. Extremely successful Afro-groove album that is already guaranteed a spot in our album top 10 for 2018!