Payoh SoulRebel is a young Madrid based singer who started his musical career as a member of the Jazzin' Reggae Band, but now makes his solo debut with 'What A Vibe'. The album, with a track list counting only seven songs and a dub actually rather qualifying it as an EP, was produced by Cool Up Records, a new label from Seville and an initiative of Almeda Sound and Legalize Sound. Burian Fyah and Iration Tunelon, the vocal guests Payoh invited on 'What A Vibe' also hail from Seville. Where those collaborations are concerened we were most taken with 'Happiness', the duet with Tunelon Iration. Soulful opener 'Lone Ranger', a song immediately setting the tone for the rest of the album, is the first single from the album, and title track 'What A Vibe', and the excellent rootsy closing track 'Sweet Music', are other highlights. Of that last song the track list also offers a nice melodica dub version produced by Sevillian dub producer Variedub. Enjoyable Spanish discovery presented by a new label that will probably surprise us with more niceness in the near future.