Seven years German Peace Development Crew needed to come up with a successor to 2010's 'Inner Journey'. The eleven-piece band from Hannover mixes reggae (title track 'Better Days') and dancehall ('When We Come', reminding us somewhat of the early work of Seeed, 'Abschalten') with influences from hip-hop ('Ey Nazis', 'Terror'), latin ('Worldwide Peace', 'When We Come') and afrobeat, and with 'Better Days' mostly wanted to echo a positive message of hope in a world where populism and rightwing politics once again reign supreme. It resulted in 14 tracks in which the members of Peace Development Team constantly alternate between German and English, and in which they call for world peace ('Worldwide Peace'), continue to hope for a better future (title track 'Better Days'), but also do not shun away from giving rightwing politicians a good dressing-down ('Ey Nazis' feat. Confident), concluding the wave of terror now hitting Europe might be the consequence of our own lifestyle ('Terror'), or speaking out against the use of nuclear energy (closing track 'Abschalten'). Conscious party album!