With the release of 2017's 'Live My Life Again', Perfect Giddimani said goodbye to the album format. However, that decision by no means meant thing remained quiet around the Jamaican boboshanti artist, as he kept turning out single releases and one riddim compilations as hotcakes. But with 'Dumplin Shop', a collaboration with the French Soulnation Band from Nantes, there's now suddenly another 6 track EP. 

In opener 'Inna Marcus Name', according to Perfect, all roads in the black struggle lead to Marcus Mosiah Garvey, and a whole series of iconic names pass the review. For 'Soul Of Creation', the only combination tune in the track list immediately one of the highlights on 'Dumplin Shop', Perfect invited Omar Perry. In the EP's title track, Perfect the trick that landed him his breakthrough hit 'Hand Cart Bwoy' years ago, this time listing all the delicacies - fry plantain, festival of fried dumplings, a hot cup of mint... - you can find at the local 'Dumplin Shop' around the corner. The pace slows down for 'Wire Fence', a song over a delightfully slow melodica riddim and a critique about the boundaries and barriers humans seem to want to erect almost everywhere, often out of pure self-interest, but which are anything but natural: "Jah never build no wire fence!". Perfect returns to his typical energetic self in 'Blessings Fall', an ode to everything that makes Jamaica great. Giddimani concludes with the militant 'Choppa', in which he literally mows down all injustice. 

Excellent EP featuring a Perfect in fine form!