With title 'Live My Life Again', Greg Rose, among reggae lovers better known as Perfect Giddimani, already indicates he wants his life back, and with this release back is putting his musical career on indefinite hold! For 'Live My Life Again', Perfect joined forces with Sam Gilly of Austrian House Of Riddim. In the intro of opener 'Bucket List', a song noting a visit to Ethiopia is an absolute must, we hear the voice of Brother Berthal James Moody, an elder of the Ethiopian World Federation in Shashamane. 'Dollnald Trump' is a raised middle finger to the current president of the United States and the accompanying YouTube clip already got over 30000 views. 'Kibera Kid', a song about the millions of Africans who have to survive in slums, deprived of any kind of health care or education, Giddimani refers to Kibera, the immense township on the outskirts of the Kenyan capital Nairobi. For this farewell album Perfect also compiled an impressive guest list: in the aforementioned 'Dollnald Trump' the voice of budding Jamaican talent Stephen Dajure can also be heared, 'A Baby' is a combination with Lutan Fyah, for opener 'Bucket List' Perfect invited his buddy Anthony B, in 'Positive Energy', a tune over a riddim for which the theme tune of spaghetti western 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly' was sampled, he joined up with Teacha Dee, and, finally, for 'Freedom' (a reworking of 'Oh Freedom', a freedom song from the period just after the American Civil War, perhaps best known in the version by Joan Baez), he joined forces with Kumossi, an Angolan female vocal trio. 'Lost Someone' was just a little too corny to our taste, 'World Boss Selassie' was given a slight country vibe, and with 'Irene Mama Rose', Perfect pays tribute to his mum. And if the track list contains a mama tune, then a ganja tune can't be far away either... In 'Breadback', Perfect compares the smoking of marijuana to administering a sacrament. 'Born African', a song over the Burnhard Spliffington riddim, gives a description of what it means to be born black in a world dominated by whites: "Born as a black man, me never last me inna Babylon…". Counting out the dub versions of 'Breadback' and 'Bucket List', the closing track of this album is title song 'Live My Life Again', in which Perfect wonders what he would have done differently, would he have been given the chance to start over. Whatever his intentions for the future might be, we wish the sympathetic boboshanti every success. Should you want to thank him for the great tunes that he's offered us over the years, you can start by purchasing this "farewell album"!