Philippe Baden Powell is the son of the legendary Brazilian guitarist and composer Baden Powell de Aquino, but you may already have already guessed as much. Philippe grew up between Rio, Paris and, there's no such thing as coincidence, the German city of Baden Baden, and already shared the stage with his father at the tender age of 13. About his father's musical influence Philippe comments: "Hey transmitted to me the passion and commitment indispensable to any artist.", and the irresistible urge to collaborate with others is another trait he inherited from his dad: "I can't remember a time making music just by myself. I've always felt like a kid with toys waiting for friends to come and play.". On 'Notes Over Poetry ' those friends are, among others, French jazz-drummer André Ceccarelli, Belgian jazz-vocalist David Linx and Brazilian percussion grandmaster Ruca Rebordão. The collaboration yielded an album full of delicious Latin-jazz, at times with influences from hip-hop/spoken word (title track 'Notes Over The Poetry'), at other times with some light samba-touches (opener 'Vamos Donatear?', a track dedicated to Brazilian pianist João Donato) or a funky bass line ('Chica'). We're not jazz buffs, but that this kind of sultry music is typically Brazilian, is a mere fact!