We already announced 'The Sound', the fifth album for Virgin Islander Pressure (or Pressure Buss Pipe as he now prefers), in our review of Midnite's 'Beauty For Ashes'. 'The Sound' is therefore the second of three releases for which the I Grade label collaborated with Zion I Kings and resembles a tourist pamphlet for the U.S. Virgin Islands: 'Virgin Islands Nice' was already declared "official tourist board anthem" and the guest list on this album (Ras Batch, NiyoRah, Volcano and of course Midnite) reads as a who's who of the island group's musical talent. 'The Sound' is packed with great tracks ('Stand Firm', the duet with Ras Batch and NiyoRah 'Cry For Humanity', 'Who You Are'...) and Pressure even succeeds in giving acoustic tracks like 'Rise Today' the necessary punch. 'The Sound' will almost definitely find its way into our album top 10 for 2014. Top release!