It had been a long time since we heard from Prezident Brown; at the end of the nineteen nineties Brown was still the jewel in the crown in the catalog of Dutch label Runn Records (who cooperated extensively with Barry O'Hare and his X-Rated label), but when things quieted down there, Prezident Brown also slowly disappeared from view. He still tried with reissues of older material on his own Jahmani label ('Showcase Volume 1, 2 and 3') and in the past few years he still released a number of albums (2003's 'Generation Next' and 2009's 'Common Prosperity') but all to no avail. With 'I Sound Is From Creation' the 'Tower Man' (a nickname he gained because of his stature) strikes back with a vengeance and for the album the excellent Axx Of Jahpostles band - Garnet Silk's regular backing band - also makes a comeback. Opener 'Fi Wi Queen (Jamaica 50)' (on the riddim of Lloyd Parks' 'Officially') is the catchiest track celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Jamaican independence yours truly had the pleasure listening to this year. Lovers of classic riddims will find 'I Sound Is From Creation' to their liking: 'Cease Fire' is a version on the M16 riddim, 'Free The People' rehashes He Prayed and in 'Some People' Brown flows over an update of The Congos' 'Fisherman'. We found exactly one stinker on 'I Sound Is From Creation': the vocoder ruined dancehall disaster 'Ghetto Youths'. 'Rebel With A Cause', a duet with Gary Pine (a singer who collaborated with Bob Sinclar on several occasions and was lead-vocalist with The Wailers for a while), sounds like a new release of one of the Marley-brothers.