It had been since 2007's 'One Perfect Love' (Blakamix) that we'd heard anything from Prince Malachi, but on the self-produced 'Third Rock' his recognizable voice still resounds. The title of the album refers to planet earth or the third planet from the sun. With songs like opener 'Great Welcome', in which he criticizes the narrow-minded and often xenophobic welcome the first Jamaican migrants received upon arrival in the United Kingdom, and 'Building Walls', about raising walls to keep others out, Prince Malachi has his finger on the pulse of Europe's the current migration crisis. For 'Fallacies' Malachi invited Luciano, and the track can serve as an example of both singers' vocal similarities. Dean Fraser, another acquaintance from Malachi's Xterminator days, blows his sax on 'Gideon Rough'. The track list also contains two cover versions: 'If I Don't Have You' is an excellent revamp of the eponymous song by Gregory Isaacs and Johnny Osbourne's 'Come Back Darling' was converted to 'Don't Turn Your Back', once more a call for solidarity with the poor and needy. Prince Malachi is still standing!