The afrobeat genre slowly seems to have conquered every corner of the world… With 'Grow Yes Yes!' we end up in the Swiss city of Lausanne, home to Professor Wouassa, an eleven-piece band on this album combining afrobeat ('Doumadem', 'Touki'...) and highlife ('Serema') and vocalists - Swiss-Malian Thaïs Diarra and Senegalese Mamadou Jim - alternating between (Pidgin) English, Bambara and Wolof. The fact Professor Wouassa also managed to entice well-known artists like Ebo Taylor (opener 'Serema') and Seun Kuti (the slow grooving 'Sunu Reo', lasting over ten minutes), proves the Swiss craftsmanship. Another top-of-the-line Afro-groove release!