'Passenger' is the second album by Project 432, a five-piece band from Denver, Colorado. The name Project 432 refers to the fact the songs of the band, a mix of reggae with influences from rock ('Get Back', 'Smoke And Mirrors'), funk (the instrumental 'Chromesthetic') and hip-hop (closing track 'Wish You Well'), are recorded at 432Hz instead of the usual 440Hz. On 'Chanting', New Caledonian artist Marcus Gad also experimented with the technique, as there are claims that 432Hz is a frequency with a special influence on our heart and soul. Opener 'Crosseyed' reminded us of the sound of SOJA, and songs like 'No More', 'Believe' or 'Red Flags' are also in the same vein, but now and then (title track 'Passenger', the hip-hop/rock flavored ballad 'Wish You Well') there's hardly any reggae to be heard, and love tune 'In Your Wake' is pure poppy West Coast reggae. Not recommended for reggae purists, but enjoyable American reggae fusion.