For 'Curao' ("medicine") musical jack-of-all-trades Will 'Quantic' Holland (The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Combo Barbaro, Flowering Inferno, Ondatropica...) this time joined forces with Nidia Gongora, front woman of Grupo Canalon and best known as the voice of the marimba music from Colombia's Southern Pacific region. Will got to know Nidia's voice a bit involuntarily, when one of his next-door neighbors in his flat in Cali, turned out to be a huge Grupo Canalon fan, playing the same track endlessly on repeat. But Holland straight away realized that the voice he heard had something magical about it and went in search for the singer from Timbiqui River, a remote village with a large Afro-Colombian community (which Nidia serenades in 'Un Conto A Mi Terra'). For 'Curao' Quantic blended Nidia's traditional songs with modern electronics and beats, or as Nidia summarizes it herself: "You have to be very careful to keep a balance, so that this music will not lose its feeling and significance, but by performing songs from the indigenous and ancestral style, and recreating them through modern and dynamic sounds, I feel I can expose this musical proposition to a global space.". Opener 'E Ye Ye' is an ode to the abundance of produce and delicacies found in the Pacific region, and Nidia continues on the same theme with 'Ojos Vicheros', a song about the joy consumers of the local sugar cane brandy viche experience. A lot more spiritual are 'Dios Promete', in which the singer praises and thanks God, and 'Maria No Me Llevo', where she does the same for the Virgin Mary. The dubby 'Dub Del Pacifico', the first song Quantic and Nidia recorded together, appears on 'Curao' in a remixed version and nicely captures the mix of Catholic mysticism and native ceremonies in the Afro-Colombian community. Intoxicating mix of Afro-Colombian tradition and modern electronics!