Rafael Wilsikin Medina, better known as Rafael or Rafa, is a new Dominican-Canadian talent with 'Enamorarse En La Playa' presenting a Dominican party starter of a long player debut. Rafael immediately gets the party going with 'Tirando Duro', a solid merengue, and title track 'Enamorarse En La Playa' is of the same order. Slightly slower than the opener, but at least as contagious is 'Bailame', which in our humble opinion should become a solid summer hit. Bachata has never been and will never become our thing, so we'll gladly leave sticky sweet love songs like 'Amor Del Negrito', 'No Puedo Vivir Sin Amor' or 'Mar De Lagrimas' to enthusiasts of the genre. Closing track 'Sembrando Amor', a somewhat corny balada or ballad, reminded us of a mediocre Spanish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, but Rafa is also a gifted salsero, as proven with the excellent 'No Se Le Pege A La Mujer', in which urges men never to beat women, and 'No Toques Fondo'. 'Margarita' is a successful bomba-tune for which Rafael already shot a matching clip, and for 'Tu Belleza', the singer successfully blends merengue and reggaeton. If you fancy a full-on Dominican party, Rafael definitely provides the ideal soundtrack!