Arky Starch keeps turning out releases at a steady pace... A first EP in August of this year, a few months later followed by a full-length album (and a collaboration with the Cypriot Dub-O-Phonic label), and singles by Micky B ('Power Abuse') and Ragga Yves. With the latter, Starch already recorded the COVID-19 anthem 'Wash Your Hands' in November of this year, now followed by this 6 track (4 vocal cuts and 2 dubs) 'Give It A Walk' EP. 

'Wash Your Hands' remains a highlight, but our personal favorite from the track list is the rootsy 'Rastaman Corner', a song Yves wrote years back and dedicated to living reggae legend Burning Spear, but which takes on another dimension thanks to the reworked riddim by Arky Starch. 

The EP also features an excellent closing dub version of that same song written by Arky Starch. As was the case with Arky's previous productions, 'Give It Walk' was also remastered by Dubmatix. 

Top EP, proving Starch and Yves make a perfect tandem and that the latter's voice hasn't lost any of its glory!