Austrian Irievibrations Records is gradually becoming a quality label for proper European reggae releases. With 'Mind Vs Heart', the solo debut of Italian-Nigerian Raphael, the label once again hits a bull's eye. Raphael earned his spurs with Italian formation Eazy Skankers and sounds like a seasoned performer. 'Mind Vs Heart' contains mostly new riddims, but a rare trusted Irievibration riddim also pops up ('Inna Dis Ya Tim' over the Call The Police riddim). Raphael is not afraid to dish it out: 'Soundblaster' is a critical song about the "music" taken for reggae these days ("... if dis a reggae, me no reggae artist, take out me name and me face from the list ...") and 'Duppies Inna Dance' talks about the bad influence certain artists have on their audience. A few songs Raphael still recorded with Eazy Skankers were added as bonus tracks.