This aptly titled 'Chapter 1' is the debut EP by Ras Dave, an MC, DJ and radio host from Denver, Colorado, who honed his craft as a member of several local reggae bands and with 'The Ras Dave Show' even hosted his own broadcast on Randy's Reggae Radio for a while. For 'Chapter 1' Dave wrote and produced all tracks himself, and also tackled the artwork. All that DIY-ing eventually resulted in 4 tracks. Colorado is one of the US states where the use of cannabis has been legalized since 2014, resulting in an economic boom the state's school system has benefitted greatly from, so the fact Ras Dave opens with 'Colorado Ganja' should come as no surprise! 'Conquering Lion' is also an ode, but this time to the most high, Jah Rastafari! And it's back to ganja for 'Ways', in which the singer calls for weapons to be exchanged for a bong or a spliff. Ras Dave's voice sounds a tad monotonous, but after four tracks that simply becomes the man's trademark. Where the instrumental side of things is concerned, Ras Dave might do better to surround himself with an actual band next time, as on 'Chapter 1' it all sounds a bit too computer driven. Inbetweener!