In 2016 we got to know Serbian band Soulcraft as the backing band of vocalist/trombonist Hornsman Coyote. That collaboration seems to have come to an end, so for 'Reggae On A Mission' the Serbs joined forces with Guyanese vocalist Ras Mc Bean. Mc Bean has lived in France for many years now and we still remembered 'Pack Up And Leave', his 2004 Irie Ites produced debut album. However, after that release things went suspiciously quiet again, and 'Inlightment', a 2014 comeback album from, didn't cause much of a stir either. Not really a fair deal, as with 'Reggae On Mission', Ras Mc Bean once again proves he can deliver an album without a disappointing track on it! The album opens with 'Where There's Life There's Hope', supported by solid rock guitars, and in tracks like 'Tomorrow's Future' or 'Miss My Yard', Slobodan 'Jimi 3B' Djukic's guitar even takes on true metal allusions. Other highlights are 'Hail Jah', a lament to the Most High, and battle cry 'Warriors', the final track on the album. Solid new roots album by an artist deserving more credit than he currently gets!