The Californians of Rebelution already released a dub version of their 2012 'Peace Of Mind' album and on albums like 'Courage To Grow' and 'Bright Side Of Life' a single dub could also be found, but, as the title suggests, with 'Dub Collection' they have been a bit more ambitious. In the track list, 15 dub versions of tracks from all of Rebelution's past albums, ranging from 'Attention Span Dub' and 'Feeling Alright Dub' from long player debut 'Courage To Grow' (2007) over 'Lazy Afternoon Dub' from 'Brighter Side Of Life' (2009) and 'Be The One Dub' from 'Count Me In' (2014), to 'Inhale Exhale Dub' from 'Falling Into Place' (2016) and 'City Life Dub' from 2018's 'Free Rein'. So feel free to call this Rebelution's 'Best Of In Dub', nicely illustrated by the album's cover illustration in which elements from the covers of all previous albums were combined.