Not to say It is that on the Virgin Islands, apart from Dezarie, no other female singers are active (check Mada Nile, Natty Empress or Sistah Joyce), but internationally none of them really have left their mark yet. However, newcomer Reemah's 'Check Your Words' may change things! 'Check Your Words', is Reemah's long player debut, appearing on her own Feel Line Records label, but distributed worldwide by VPal. The singer first made her appearance in 'Chance To Grow', a 2006 combination with Bambu Station which appeared on their 'Break The Soil' album. The collaboration resulted in the band producing 'No Questions', a first solo EP, the title track of which also features in the track list of 'Check Your Words'. Message of the song: Stop making excuses, it's really time to overthrow Babylon! And Babylon gets even more of an ass whipping in tracks like 'War' or 'Hypnotize'. Opener 'Better Way' (on the VPal reissue anyway), about looking for a better, different way of life, is a smash over the Grasslands riddim and immediately sets the tone for the rest of the album. With album title 'Check Your Words' Reemah urges her listeners to watch their words and think before they open their mouth. Reemah's style lies somewhere between singing and chanting (occasionally evoking memories of Midnite front man Vaughn Benjamin, as in the militant title track 'Check Your Words' or 'Domion And Control'). On 'Check Your Words' Reemah concludes with the acoustic 'One Day' heavily contrasting with the rest of the track list, but also providing the album with a nice intimate ending. A lady you should surely keep an eye on in the coming years!