Reggae Workers Of The World or R.W.W. is a collaboration between Slackers keyboard player Vic Ruggiero, Aggrolites vocalist/guitarist Jesse Wagner and Badasonics multi-instrumentalist Nico Leonard (also ex-Caroloregians and Moon Invaders). As the title suggests, 'R.W.W. II' is already the trio's second album release. Vic, Jesse and Nico bring a vintage repertoire ranging from ska ('Danielle') over calypso to old rock 'n' roll ('I Know A Girl', the early Rolling Stones vibe of 'Every Once In A While'), soul (the great 'Jesse James' and the wonderful 'Never Get To Say Yer Sorry'), rhythm and blues, doo-wop ('Eye Of The Storm') and, of course, reggae (opener 'Pot Of Gold', 'Bump In The Night'). On 'R.W.W. II' eleven self-penned tracks and one cover (closing track 'J'attendrai' is a reggae version of Italian singer Rina Ketty's 1938 song of the same name, which in turn was a French translation of the Italian 'Tornerai', composed by Dino Oliveri and Nino Rastelli and immortalized in 1937 by Carlo Buti and Trio Lescano). Highly enjoyable vintage vibes from this American-European super group.