In our continuing search for the most original ska-sound, this time we ended up in Ecuador. Rocola Bacalao call themselves "la banda mas chimba del Ecuador", which loosely translated means somethin like: "It's not going to make us much money, but we don't care!". Their sound is reminiscent of Mexican Maldita Vecindad, who with their megahit 'Pachuco' caused a stir in the pop charts back in the 1990s. Those unfamiliar with Maldita should think of solid ska-rock with hints of local genres like cumbia ('Sueño Americano', 'Mama Se Fue Al Mercado') and salsa ('Condominio De Carton'). Lyrically, the songs range from nonsensical ('Mama Se Fue Al Mercado', 'Mis Amigas Las Plantas') to socially engaged ('La Profundidad Del Dedo', 'Condominio De Carton').