Ruffi-Ann (real name Sharon Peterkin) can hardly be considered an upcoming talent, as the singer has already enjoyed quite the musical career. The fact you still might not have heard from her, might be because she used to perform under a different name and in a different style. In the 1990s she was well on her way to become the new queen of dancehall as Lady Shabba. Motherhood would steer her in a different direction though; not that Ruffi-Ann, like many of her female colleagues, put her music career on hold to devote herself full-time to her children, instead it rather inspired a spiritual rebirth. In 1999 she announced the demise of Lady Shabba and reinvented herself as Ruffi-Ann. Now, another fifteen years later, she finally presents this album, for which she joined forces with saxophonist/producer Dean Fraser and Max Romeo. Stylistically Ruffi-Ann holds the middle between Sister Carol and Queen Ifrica and her vocal style, combined with a whole range of classic riddims (Fade Away, Ya Ho, Take A Ride, Heptones Gonna Fight, Bobby Bobylon...), gives this album a delicious old school vibe. When collaborating with Dean Fraser, Tarrus Riley and Duane Stephenson are never far away and with the two singers Ruffi-Ann recorded 'Good Friends'. As an exclusive for the European release, 'Baddest', a combination with Bunny Wailer, was added to the original track list. Excellent "debut" effort!