For his langspelerdebuut pulled the American-British-Indian drummer/percussionist/producer Sarathy Korwar travelled to Gujarat to collaborate with the Siddi, descendants of African merchants, sailors, indentured servants and mercenaries, whose presence in India has been documented since the 7th century. Korwar joined forces with the singers, dancers, drummers and malunga-players of The Sidi Troupe or Ratanpur. The latter instrument has now become quite rare and is somewhat reminiscent of the Brazilian berimbau. The artwork for the cover of the album, is a picture of a typical quilt, as handcrafted by the Sidi-women using only leftover fabric and rags; something Sarathy saw as the perfect synthesis of the music on 'Day To Day'. On a musical level, this album reminded yours truly somewhat of an Indian version of Black Flower, because like in Black Flower's repertoire on 'Day To Day' ethnic music is also used as a base and mixed with jazz and, to a lesser extent, electro. For 'Day To Day' Sarathy got the support of The Steve Reid Foundation, an organization created by Brownswood/Gilles Peterson to promote the work and legacy of legendary drummer/percussionist Steve Reid. The organization supports and mentors emerging talents, and with Emanative, Floating Points, Koreless, Gilles Peterson and Four Tet, Korwar got certainly wasn't assigned a series of amateurs as mentors. Four Tet described his immediate interest in Sarathy as follows: "Sarathy instantly caught my attention when he said he wanted to make an album that embraced both Indian folk music and jazz, two worlds that have had a big influence on me. His album succeeds in bringing these things together in an elegant way, but it's his own style and ideas that come through the most in the music. Refreshingly different, this is a deep and powerful listening experience!". The influences of African music on the musical traditions of the American continent were already thoroughly described and documented. With 'Day To Day', Korwar now adds a very different chapter: the migration from Africa's East Coast to Asia. Fascinating musical journey.