Has it really already been six years, since we last heard from Ecuador-based Algerian globetrotter Sarazino? On 'Mama Funny Day' again that eclectic mix of genres (reggae, cumbia, hip-hop, rock...) and languages (French, Spanish, English and Arabic) we also found on predecessor 'Everyday Salama'. Also on this album a lot of guests make their appearance (going from New York based Sandflower, over Bomba Estero-vocalist Liliana Saumet, Ivorian singer François Kency and Colombian musician and producer Manuel Gamboa aka El Alguacil Dubkilla, to reggae veteran Toots Hibbert, who reappears here in a revamped version of 'People' (a song that could already be found on Sarazino's first album for Cumbancha 'Ya Foy!), and South African Zolani Mahola, singer with Freshlyground, known for their collaboration with Shakira for 'Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)', the official theme song of the 2010 Fifa World Cup football in South Africa. One of the most interesting tracks on 'Mama Funny Day' is definitely 'Frente Latina', in which Sarazino, together with Liliana Saumet, emphasizes the importance of a free press and free exchange of information and the voice of Julian Assange, the controversial founder of WikiLeaks, still holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, can be heard. Other recommendations from the track list include 'En Zion', a combination with Ecuadorian hip-hopper Guanaco MC and Jamaican revelation Spiritual, the infectious cumbia of 'La Cumbia Mala' once again featuring Guanaco MC, the more intimate 'Jugarse La Vida', for which Sarazino collaborated with Salman Souini aka Anwar Maghreb, a Moroccan who ended up in Boston, and finally 'Go Johnny' featuring Elguacil Dubkilla, in which the spirit of mestizo godfather Manu Chao clearly resounds. Even though the genre has lost some of its luster in recent years, Sarazino remains one of the absolute masters of mestiza music!