Where Azerbaijan music is concerned, yours truly is far from a specialist, but for Sevda’s 'Gül Açdi/A Flower In Bloom' that actually proves quite unnecessary. Although Sevda sings in Azerbaijani, she does so in songs that range from jazz ('Hardasan', 'Bayati Kurd') over pop-ballads ('Meni Seni Araram') to funky soul ('Gül Açdi') and even salsa ('Goy-Gol') with a couple more traditional Azerbaijani songs ('Mahur') thrown in for good measure. Because of the instrumentation used (the ud or lute and the Azerbaijani tar) those more traditional songs have a bit of a Turkish feel, especially because the Azerbaijani language seems closely related to Turkish. For those already thinking Eurovision Song Contest, the flawless production and the beautiful voice of Sevda effortlessly transcend the level of the songs produced on that show. Discovery!