Three year after their debut effort, 'Leave Me Out', London based Shanty returns with 'Strange Little Human', another EP. What immediately becomes apparent is the fact the new tracks - a mix of reggae and grime - sound a lot less festive or upbeat than the ones on predecessor 'Leave Me Out'. Not that we'd describe 'Strange Little Human' as a somber EP, but broaching topics like the daily pressure we all experience living in "our" Western society (opener 'Pressure'), failed relationships ('Happy To Be Sad') or title and closing track 'Strange Little Human', a song about living with depressions and anxiety disorders, makes it all sound just a tad more serious. It's in that same light, you'll have to see the EP's dark cover illustration, a design by English graphic designer and visual artist Nick Booton aka Bruï. Another excellent release by a band that clearly continues to evolve.