The British Batov Records label already introduced us to Sandman Project and now also presents this untitled debut album by Shiran. Shiran Avraham hails from an Iraqi Yemeni family and on this debut effort mainly explores her Yemeni heritage. The album reminded us of a modern update of the oeuvre of Israeli Yemeni pop princess Ofra Haza, but Shiran sees herself more as the heiress of Israeli Yemeni diva Ahuva Ozeri, with whom she shared the stage for a while before the singer lost the battle against cancer in 2016. For 'Shiran', Shiran collaborated with beat maker and producer Ron Bakal, eventually yielding 6 tracks in which Yemeni tradition mixes with influences from pop, dance and r&b/soul (the beautiful ballad 'Yatim') and reggae ('Zehere'). As Shiran sings in Yemenite and shuns political themes in her songs, she is able to appeal to both Jewish and Arab audiences. The icing on the cake are two remixes, one by DJ Kobayashi, one half of Israeli duo Gypsy Hill, and the other by Israeli DJ and producer Obas Nenor. More than successful modern interpretation of Yemeni music tradition.