Sibongile Mbambo is a South African singer-songwriter, who relocated to the French city of Marseille over a decade ago. Sibongile alternates between English and Xhosa, a South African click language, always accompanying herself on the udu, a clay instrument originating with the Igbo in Nigeria, or her "bongi-box", a wooden box similar to the Spanish cajon. On 'Bring Back Ubuntu' (ubuntu is a Xhosa term that translates as "humanity" or "humanity towards others" and has also become an ethical or humanistic philosophy that revolves around devotion and relationships between people, with the belief in a universal shared covenant that connects the whole of humanity) she's flanked by Fred Salles (guitar), a nod to South-African maskanda or Zulu-folk, Dimitri Reverchon (percussion), and Lamine Diagne (saxophone, flute, duduk). Perfect symbiosis of western singer-songwriter pop and and Xhosa tradition.