For 'Only Love' Sista Livity and Sista Moni joined forces with production house, studio and sound system Good Over Evil. The first one born and bred in Barcelona, in the past still part of the Purple Rockets collective and meanwhile a regular fixture in the local sound system scene, and the second of Swedish-Chilean descent, who, when she migrated to Spain first ended up with Brainfood Soundsystem from Torrevieja. The duo's collaboration with Good Over Evil resulted in 7 vocal cuts, four of which only have either Sista Livity or Sista Moni on vocals, three in which they appear as a duo, and as many dubs. Sista Moni's voice sounds a bit more airy than Sista Livity's and for some reason reminded us of Björk here and there ('Grow Our Plan'). Opener 'Mr. Sun', in which the duo can be heard together and our favorite song from the track list, is a reworking of the Dennis Brown classic 'Easy Take It Easy'. The rest of the tracks on 'Only Love' have a UK steppers vibe and together with the accompanying dubs are clearly aimed at a sound system audience. Sisters doing it for themselves and love of course!