VP Records promotes 'The Messiah' as Miguel Collins' (aka Sizzla) seventieth long player. Not every Sizzla album rose to the occasion though and some of them were just outward mediocre, but luckily 'The Messiah' can be categorized as one of Sizzla's better releases. The album title and artwork already reveal that we're dealing with a conscious record. Opening track 'Psalms 121' takes off with: "Mama Africa I love you" and with lyrics like: "No Babylon cannot conquer the land of the Africans" or "Africa is the center of attraction", it's clear the theme is Afro-centric. 'The Messiah' contains quite a few well-known riddims: Tempo ('Suffer So Much'), Wolf And Leopards ('Centre Of Attraction'), Hot Milk ('No Wicked Man' featuring a Barrington Levy-sample), Errol Dunkley's 'A Little Way Different' ('Chant Dem Down'), Girl I've Got A Date ('Dem Nuh Business') and Fattie Fattie ('What A Joy'). You've probably already gotten the point: this is one to cherish.