Just over six months after the release of their debut EP 'Who Feels It Knows It', Spellbreakers return with a new maxi-single. The four track EP is titled 'Well Runs Dry' and once again counts 2 vocal cuts and as many dubs. Title track 'Well Runs Dry' is solid roots opening with a surf rock like guitar intro, after which the horns, just before the voice of singer Juli Jupter can be heard, briefly wink at the iconic 'Africa' by Rico Rodriguez. The strong horn section of the band also caught our attention in 'Purification Song'. Juli's vocal technique has certainly improved since the recordings of the first EP and the rest of the band also sounds a lot more confident on 'Well Runs Dry'. And even if you don't like Jupter's voice, the truly excellent dub work by Kingston Echo still makes this EP worth purchasing! Excellent second release by this Belgian reggae band we still see a lot of future potential in.