With Antwerp based Spellbreakers, a six-piece formation around flamboyant Belgian-Brazilian vocalist and visual artist Juli Jupter, Belgium welcomes an interesting new reggae band. With 'Who Feels It Knows It' the band presents a first EP/12inch with two vocal cuts and an equal number of dubs. For the recordings Spellbreakers took to the Hoboken Hi-Fi studio of producer Kingston Echo, who also plays guitar in the band. Spellbreakers goes for an old-school approach with the rhythm section recorded live and old analogue material used for the mix. Spellbreakers get their musical inspiration from, among others, roots formations from the nineteen seventies and eighties, and we have to admit, 'Who Feels It Knows It' immediately reminded us of UK roots bands like Capital Letters or Sceptre. We certainly don't want to detract from Juli Jupter's vocal abilities, but it are in fact the two dubs on this 12inch that are the real gems, especially 'Righteous Dub' in which a kalimba or thumb piano was given the lead role, creating a distinct sound effect. The sleeve design, which for some reason reminded us of Eastern European cartoons from the Cold War era, was done by Kevin Welslau aka Missing Link, who also found a new vocation as a drummer with Spellbreakers. Promising debut of a super creative new band!