After his collaboration with German saxophonist Samson Benji for the 'Brass Echo Chamber' EP, this time Stefanosis joined forces with Hendrik Remmers of Soulfyah Productions from Norderney, Germany. The result is this 5 track 'Dubplate Situation' EP. Stefanosis' rhymes in opener 'Dictator' still sound a bit simplistic ("Dictator, you're nothing but a sick hater... Dictator, you're gonna fall sooner or later..."), but the dub version of the same song, in which a melodica takes the place of Stefanosis' voice, is one of the absolute highlights from the track list, and songs like 'Keep Smiling', the perfect feel-good song in these dark COVID-19 times, and especially closing track 'Come Back Home', drenched in Hindu spirituality ("Om shanti om, salaam, shalom...") can also effortlessly convince. Nice inbetweener!