This 'Brass Echo Chamber' EP originally appeared back in 2010 on the now defunct Corsican Springline Records label, but never got the attention it deserved and soon disappeared from the radar again. However, thanks to Dub-O-Phonic label boss Savvas Thomas, the album is now given a deserved second chance. The man behind 'Brass Echo Chamber' was Los Angeles based producer and multi-instrumentalist Stephen Moore aka Steve Steppa, nowadays using the moniker Stefanosis, wanting to record an album influenced by Jamaica's nineteen seventies golden age of reggae and dub featuring the saxophone as the lead instrument. To achieve that goal, Stefanosis brought in German saxophonist Ras Samson aka Samson Benji, and combined with Stefanosis' analogue synths, drum machine, bass and guitar parts this resulted in 7 songs in which dubby effects, vocals and Samson Benji's sax merge almost organically. Springline Records producer Gibsy Rhodes finalized the recordings with some added effects and samples and for this re-release all tracks were remastered as well. In opener 'Brass Down Babiwrong' you'll undoubtedly recognize the nyahbinghi traditional 'Babylon Throne Gone Down', probably better known to many as The Wailers' 'Rastaman Chant' (here smoothly blending into the melody of the American negro-spiritual 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot'), but songs like 'King Tubby's Brass', 'Ruffy And Tuffy' or the bass driven closing track 'Conquering Brass' are all equally enjoyable. Classic in the making!