Maybe the name Suckarie doesn't immediately ring a bell, but if we mention that this is Stephen Suckarie, vocalist and guitarist with Jamaican-American family project New Kingston, most of you will probably know who we're talking about. With 'When The Trumpet Sounds' Suckarie now also explores a solo career, resulting in a broad-ranging collection of songs with love in all its facets as a common thread.

This can range from a lost love in 'Favorite Song' (also featured in an acoustic version) and carnal love in 'Drop It Down', to Suckarie's relationships with important women in his life (opener 'Our Love'), family ('Soon', with an intro featuring a phone message by Suckarie's other half and daughter, calling him to let him know they're missing him and asking him to come home soon) and friends. 

Musically speaking, 'When The Trumpet Sounds' is wonderfully eclectic, with Suckarie opting for poppy dancehall (opener 'Our Love', 'Drop It Down', 'Ocean Breeze') and reggae (the super catchy 'Glad', for which Stephen enlisted his two kids; a highly uplifting song that would have been a surefire summer hit if we'd have had a normal summer), classic lovers rock ('You Deserve', a duet with Jemere Morgan and immediately our favorite song from the tracklist), r&b ('Soon', 'Changes', a duet with his wife Elle) and new roots (title track 'When The Trumpet Sounds', a bit of an odd one out in the track list, as it's a call to be on guard so you won't be surprised when your moment comes, and the rock-flavored 'Right Now', one of our other favorites from the track list, in which Suckarie once again underlines the importance and power of universal love). 

Excellent solo debut, proving Suckarie can just as well stand his ground without his siblings!