For 'Meditation' Suga Roy temporarily parted ways with his companion Conrad Crystal (even though Crystal still offered his services for a few songs) and as Roy is the deejay of the duo, he collaborated with a series of other artists for this album. Most of the time this results in great duets ('Highest Of Grades' featuring Jahvante, 'Your Love' featuring Shauna), but once every so often the invitee slips up ('So Devine' featuring Rawmed). 'Meditation' is a true pleasure for lovers of classic riddims; we recognized, among others, Irie Feelings/Skeng Eh 12 ('Jah Nah Sleep'), Waiting In Vain ('Highest Of Grades'), Throw Me Corn ('Officer') and Break It To Make It ('Your Love'), but the album still features a number of riddims sounding quite familiar but which we weren't able to identify ('So Devine', 'My Life').